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Internal component view of worcester bosch boiler

£99 Fixed price repair

Get a boiler, heating or hot water issue repaired

for just £99.

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Gas Trademark van

Serving PL1 to PL9

Mon - Fri  9:00 - 17:00

Why choose us?

No contracts

No hidden costs

No monthly payments

No unofficial parts

No excess charges

No pressure sales

Every repair comes with a

12 month labour guarantee

as standard.

Parts are covered by the

manufacturers guarantee.

Period varies.

Receive FREE and effective

energy efficiency advice at

every visit.

Our Gas Safe registered engineer Mark has 19 years' experience in the repair

of gas boilers, heating and hot water systems.

Qualifying callout issues

Our £99 fixed price repair service includes the repair of one

qualifying callout issue – as listed below (parts charged separately).

Mark will repair your leaking and/or faulty gas boiler at a fixed labour price of just £99 per callout

– no matter how many parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Combi boilers

System boilers

All boiler brands

All boiler models

Regular boilers

No back-boilers


Can I book multiple times?

Yes you can! This is our Trademark service, it's unlimited and it's here to stay.


Gas Trademark – helping you with the cost of living, all year round.

70% of callouts

don't require any new

parts, you just need

a good engineer.

– Like our engineer

Mark, who know's

what he's doing.

worcester bosch boiler

50% boiler service

discount available

Reduced from £90 to just £45 when you employ Mark to service your

boiler at the same time as any

service we provide.

A good engineer

will keep your boiler

working until parts are

no longer available,

Your gas boiler should

last 20+ years.

Payment terms

All payments are processed by our gas engineer Mark using our secure and portable

card machine by NatWest Bank.

First time fix

Second visit

Mark aims to repair issues

at the first visit by using his

van stock of common parts.

In this instance, full payment

will be required before Mark

leaves the property at the

end of the first visit.


In the event that parts need

to be ordered, you will be

required to pay the full parts

cost before Mark leaves the property at the end of the

first visit. Then just pay the

£99 fixed price repair charge

before Mark leaves at the

end of the second visit.

You could save up to £141 per callout with this service. PLUS, save up to 10%

on your gas bill with our optional discounted gas boiler service at just £45

(reduced from £90).

These are your potential savings, this is our work - employ us today!

Service exclusions

We have included as much of the wider system into this service as possible,

but we do need to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and here it is...

Replacement: boilers, flues, cylinders, water tanks, manifolds and power flushing

are not included in our £99 fixed price repair service but they can be quoted separately.

Please note: we do not work on washing machines, dish washers, baths, showers, toilets, bidets,

basins, sinks, taps or any type of drainage system and therefore these are also not included

in our £99 fixed price repair service.

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