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Terms & conditions

Diagnostics and repairs

Our diagnostics and repair service begins when Mark enters the property, from this point you will be

required to pay the full £79 before Mark leaves the property.

You can also employ us to diagnose and repair an issue whilst we are  providing another service too. In this

instance our diagnostics and repair service will begin as soon as you give us consent to start, from this

point you will be required to pay the full £79 before Mark leaves the property.

For repairs which require parts to be ordered, you will be required to pay the full cost of all parts used and/or ordered plus the £79 diagnostics fee at the end of the first visit. You will then be required to pay the remaining quoted balance at the end of the second visit.

Payment will still be required before Mark leaves the property whenever:

- A repair requires additional work not included in our diagnostics and repair service.

- A part/appliance is beyond repair due to parts being obsolete or through damage requiring upgrade.

- A separate quote we provide at our diagnostics visit has been accepted or rejected.

- A decision is made by the end user or responsible person of the property to not go ahead with the repair.

- A gas installation or gas appliance is classified as unsafe to use as per the current regulations.

- A heating or hot water system is classified as unsafe to use as per the current regulations.

Unsafe situations:

In the event that your gas installation or unvented hot water system is classified as unsafe to use. All gas

engineers are obligated to follow the Gas  industry's Unsafe Situation Procedures (GIUSP), these

procedures will be explained by Mark during his visit and he will discuss your options with you. To follow the GIUSP does require additional tasks not included in any of our services, therefore we charge an additional £49 to complete the additional tasks.

12 month labour guarantee:

Your 12 month labour guarantee begins when Mark leaves the property after completing the repair and ends 365 days after the completion date.

Your 12 month guarantee is only valid for the work completed by Gas Trademark limited and therefore

does not include the repair/replacement of any other parts/appliances that fail to work, leak or have

intermittent problems which have not been repaired or replaced by Gas Trademark limited.


Your 12 month labour guarantee is only valid if your existing system is installed to the manufacturers

instructions and/or the current regulations. For example: we identify the plate heat exchanger in your

boiler is blocked due to the poor water quality of your heating system - i.e not being within the

requirements as set by the manufacturer of your boiler. In this situation Mark would provide you with a

fixed price to replace the plate heat exchanger plus a separate fixed price quote to correct the water quality of your heating system too. Let's say you then decide to go ahead with replacing the plate heat exchanger but decide not to correct the water quality of your system - even though it has been explained by Mark that the new plate heat exchanger and possibly other parts will become blocked and fail to work due to the poor water quality of your heating system. In this instance you would appreciate we cannot provide you with any guarantee.


Your 12 month labour guarantee will be void in the event that damage has been caused by anyone other

than Gas Trademark limited.


You do have legal rights in relation to the services we provide and they are not affected​ by our guarantee.

Replacement parts:​

We develop synchrony with the best supply chains available and we only install official parts from

manufacturers who we trust.

Markup on goods:​

It is standard practice for companies like us to markup the value of items we supply on your behalf. This is

in part to cover the costs we incur from tasks like: sourcing, purchasing, collecting, checking, storing,

delivering or returning those items. We do receive a tradesman discount on most items and the fixed rate

markup value we apply to our cost price is 20% on all items we supply - in most cases the amount we charge you is usually equal to the prices available to you when you purchase the items yourself.

Manufacturers guarantee

Most parts come with a manufacturers guarantee, the manufacturer will be responsible for all faulty

goods during their guarantee period. However, we will repair or replace faulty parts without any labour charge during our 12 month labour guarantee.

Gas boiler service:

It isn't possible to complete a gas boiler service if your gas boiler/installation is leaking/faulty or classified

as unsafe to use - in this instance the issue(s) with your boiler/installation would need to be repaired

before we can provide our boiler service to you.

Once we have started your gas boiler service you will be required to pay the gas boiler service amount in

full, including if at any stage during the boiler service your gas boiler is classified as unsafe or beyond repair.

Household Appliances:

We do not repair or install gas fires, gas cookers, washing machines, dish washers, baths, showers, toilets, basins, bidets, sinks, taps or any type of drainage system, therefore these are also not included in our £99 fixed price repair service.

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